Sunday, May 8, 2016

Consolidating Online Presence

(not particularly important post)

A little bit of housekeeping:
I'm preparing to post more content, higher quality content, in more mediums and through more channels. Hopefully my peregrinations on PubMed (and other knowledge I've garnered over the last decade of illness) will add value to the spoonie community. I'd like to put myself out there more, and make at least a modest positive impact.

Lavender Dojo

I'll endeavor to stick to this name. The intent is that it is unique enough to be a top hit on Google if you search for those words, but mundane enough to not need spelling out. For this blog, I was originally using the name Lavendogh. Lavendogh was a word I made up so that this blog was the only result for the query "lavendogh". Unfortunately, the spelling was not intuitive if I mentioned the blog name in conversation. The hope is that "lavender" and "dojo" are both common enough to not require explanation, but a weird enough juxtaposition to be memorable.

Over the years, I've also had very sporadic activity on Twitter and SoundCloud under the pseudonym Feeble Asclepius / @FeebleAsclepius. I intend to change those accounts to LavenderDojo also, but in case there are any hitches this blog post can act as a signpost.

Youtube account has gone from "phrygianechinoderm" to "lavendogh" and will presently be "LavenderDojo".

Uf! Online identity and digital footprints are interesting topics, but I digress. A series of important Fibromyalgia and MECFS posts are in the pipeline.

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